About Blogging Butterfly

Hi, I’m Stephanie, and IIIIIII’m your host!

Blogging Butterfly, launched on December 1st, 2016, is a blog-about-blogging dedicating to helping people create successful blogs. You’ll find information about blogging tools and technology, social media marketing, and multimedia design for bloggers.

Are you one of these people?

You might be wondering just why you should sign up for the email newsletter, why you should bookmark this blog, or follow me on social media. Let me give you 4 reasons why you should.

You want to start a blog, but you don’t know where to start

Saying you’re going to start a blog and actually doing it are two completely different things. And once you get started, you may find that it’s more difficult than you thought.

Eventually, you learn that there’s so much that goes into creating a successful blog. You feel overwhelmed and start wondering if it’s even worth the effort. I’m here to tell you one thing: do not quit!

Yes, somethings are harder than others, but you are not alone! I can help you find the information you need, either through writing my own blog posts based on what you want to know or by directing you to sources and communities that I know have the answer you need.

Do not be afraid to ask me anything! I love researching and I know tons of great places to get you started on the right path.

You want to grow your current blog

You already have a blog and you’ve been writing in it for some time, but you just aren’t getting the traction you know you deserve. We’ve all been there at one time. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to remedy this.

I can show you how to take advantage of social media sharing, optimize your posts and pages for search engines to direct traffic to your blog, and how to create an email list that will help you turn your readers into recurring visitors and fans.

You want to start or grow social media accounts for your blog or small business

You’ve heard of “strategic” social media, but maybe you thought that was only for big brands and companies. Think again! The small business owner or solopreneur needs social media strategy too. Maybe even more than big business.

If you’re thinking “I’m just a blogger, not a business, this doesn’t apply to me!” Think again, again! Think of your blog as a business. It’ll make it so much easier to realize what you need to do to become a success.

Whether you’re selling a product for money or you’re “selling” your blog posts, taking a strategic approach to social media will skyrocket you into success. I can show you how to set up the best profiles for attracting readers/customers, how to use content to market yourself and your products, and how sharing other posts and products, even those of your competitors, can make your account much more follower-friendly.

You want to find unique recommendations

When I first started blogging, I noticed a lot of people recommending various products and tools. Even some that I knew to not actually be the best options. I wanted to know my options, but I just wasn’t finding a lot of variation in the information. You keep seeing the same things over and over again.

One thing that I strive to do with this blog is to help you find the best solutions for you, not just what every blogger is using. This means I’ll be sharing products based on my personal finds rather than just because bloggers are recommending them.

While products come highly recommended for a reason, I like to search out other tools, too. I’ve found a lot of tools that are either cheaper, have features better suited to my needs, or are just designed in a way that I can better work with or understand.My goal is to share all these things with you. While you will see me reviewing products that are popular with a lot of bloggers, you’ll also find some that aren’t.

My goal is to share all these things with you. While you will see me reviewing products that are popular with a lot of bloggers, you’ll also find some that aren’t. I hope I can provide a comprehensive look at what tools are out there for you to use.

I really hope you can find something here that’s useful to you! If not, you can always ask.

Head on over to the contact form and ask away!