34 Useful Links and Tutorials for WordPress Beginners

Friday Finds: WordPress for Beginners

Today’s Friday Find is all about WordPress for beginners! I’ve gathered together some resources from various bloggers that you’ll find useful as a new blogger or someone who is making the move to self-hosted WordPress. This is a pretty big one so I’ve broken these links down into 5 different categories to help you find what you need.

Beginner WordPress Resources

WordPress Comparisons

Not sure if WordPress is right for you? Thinking of making the switch but not sure if you should? That’s okay!

These posts compare WordPress with other blogging platforms. Look over these to see if WordPress sounds like it will be a good fit for you, or maybe find another platform that better suits your needs.

And a special bonus post: Stop Comparing Website Platforms And Start Creating Sh#T! by Rekita Nicole Design

Don’t get too caught up in comparing. Just START! I recommend WordPress because it’s the most customizable and unrestrictive platform, but if that’s not for you, feel free to try something else.

Beginner Information

So you’ve decided to use self-hosted WordPress but you’re not sure exactly where to start.maybe you have a specific issue that needs sorting out, but you aren’t sure where to find out how. Maybe you just want to soak up as much information as you can. This section is for you!

These posts feature tutorials and information for beginner WordPress users. There are even some great tips that a long time user like myself can benefit from. Shortcuts and hotkeys are always useful.

WordPress Plugins

There are a LOT of plugins out there for just about anything you’d want to do in WordPress. If you need it done, there’s probably a solution. You do want to make sure not to use too many plugins so you don’t show down your site or open it up to vulnerabilities.

These posts list some popular plugins recommended by bloggers and what they’re used for. Expect to see a post with Blogging Butterfly’s recommended plugin list soon!

Themes for WordPress

(Note: Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*). I’ll earn a commission if you purchase at no extra cost to you.)

Creative Market* and ThemeForest* are great sources for new WordPress themes, but sometimes you want to see a rundown of certain types of themes. Blog posts are the perfect place for this. You may find something in a part that you would have missed in your own search.

There are also bloggers who sell themes direct on their own blogs or design websites, so you don’t want to miss out on those too.

Let’s first look at some posts that can help you learn a bit more about themes.

Here are some round up posts from other blogs that showcase various themes or create themes themselves.

Round Ups:

Theme Designers:


These posts are all about creating a unique, customized blog. While there may be a tiny bit of CSS or HTML involved, there’s no heavy coding involved, just the basics. The tutorials will lead you right through it anyway.

Get to Work!

Phew! Now that you’ve got all these great sources of information, it’s time to get to work on your blog! Let me know what your favorite or most useful links were in the comments.

Don’t forget that I’m offering some free WordPress training to help you get started on the right foot with a new self-hosted blog. If you need some extra guidance to get started. Feel free to sign up.

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  • Themeforest is my go-to source whenever i need a fresh theme for a new blog i am starting up. I am definitely bookmarking this resource page. Thanks Stephanie

  • Stephanie, thank you for sharing this. I’m a new blogger and not that familiar yet with WordPress.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    I have just landed here from Pinterest. You have an amazing blog and you’re doing a wonderful job here. Good to see a collection of blogging resources at one place, thanks for your great efforts.

    I have been blogging since 2012 and hence I aware of most of the matters that you have mentioned here. Keep blogging!

  • Great Resources Stephanie! Just installed Seo By Yoast plugin and it really does helps with Seo. Try to learn as much as I can from many sources. Thank you for sharing with us….Pined