Campaign Monitor Review: Affordable Email Marketing

Hey guys! I have a product review I’d like to share with you. This one’s for an email marketing software called Campaign Monitor. Over the last couple of months, I’d been looking at several different email services due to an issue with what I was using for one of my brands. In the middle of […]


10 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Hey everyone! We have our first guest post here at Blogging Butterfly about SEO for bloggers. I know this is a big topic that many of you find confusing to wrap your head around at first, but getting started is really simple. Today’s post is from Brad Shorr, the Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, […]


Free Pinterest Marketing Course Available!

Pinnovative Launchpad is a free Pinterest marketing course that will teach you all the basics of using Pinterest and how you can start creating your own strategy. I’ve taken all (or most) of my Pinterest posts and packaged them all together in a course format, plus a few extra things. For those of you who see […]


Stop Being Afraid to Get Your Blog Out There

This week I received an email from a reader and after a couple emails, I realized something. A lot of you (me included) are so caught up in the creation phase of your new blogs, that you’re spending months and months working it instead of getting your content out there. You’re afraid to launch your […]


Where to Find and Join Tailwind Tribes

It’s FRIDAY, which is usually mean it’s time for a round-up but I’ve missed a couple weeks. Or maybe just one week, who knows by now. Today is all about Tailwind Tribes and where to find them. Yeah, I just said that. Tailwind Tribes are a great new way to share your Pinterest pins and […]

How to Use Tailwind Without Scheduling

5 Ways to Use Tailwind Without Scheduling Pins

Tailwind is mostly known for being an awesome Pinterest scheduling tool but that means that people who have no interest in scheduling probably overlook it. Why would you bother checking it out if you don’t want to use its main function, right? But Tailwind can be a good addition to your Pinterest strategy even if […]


My First 3 Months Blogging + March Goals and Strategy

Awesome! I’m doing my very first (for this blog, anyway) monthly blog report. Actually, it’s the first 3 months. One of my goals for March is to just get (excuse my french) shit done, so I’m doing this. Action, action, action! Originally, I planned to do these separately. I was writing up my February post […]


[Blogger Interview #001] Melissa from Lullabies and Louboutins

A special treat for you guys today. I’m super excited to present my very first Blogger Interview! Yay! Blogging Butterfly is starting a new segment! I’ll be interviewing new and seasoned bloggers alike to find out what challenges they’ve faced, any advice they have for other bloggers – new and old – and get a look […]


Flipboard for Bloggers: Setting up Flipboard for Blog Traffic

Flipboard for Bloggers Flipboard has been getting some renewed attention from bloggers lately, and just in time for the launch of Flipboard version 4. I figured I’d write up a post about Flipboard for bloggers so you can get in on some of the action yourself. I’ve been using Flipboard with my blog since I started […]

Is Pinterest Good for New Bloggers?

Does Pinterest Work for New Bloggers?

Pinterest is the #1 traffic source for many bloggers (look around, everyone’s praising it). Why wouldn’t you want a slice of that awesome? Being able to drive traffic from Pinterest is While Pinterest is great for everyone, I want to speak to the complete beginners now. Those of you with brand new blogs and no […]

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