Pinterest for Bloggers: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest for Bloggers You may have heard by now that Pinterest is the #1 way to drive traffic to your blog. Tons of bloggers swear by it, and so do I. Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering exactly how. This is something I can help you with! When you’re first starting out with a new Pinterest […]

Get Interviewed on Blogging Butterfly

Blogger Interviews: Showcase your blog on Blogging Butterfly

Monday and Wednesday will be dedicated blogger interview days here at Blogging Butterfly! Monday will be for experienced bloggers, whose success and advice will give us that #MondayMotivation we all sometimes need. Wednesdays are New Blogger Spotlight days for bloggers who are still within their first year of blogging. This Could Be You! YOUR Name Blog […]

WordPress for Beginners: Links and Tutorials for New Bloggers

34 Useful Links and Tutorials for WordPress Beginners

Friday Finds: WordPress for Beginners Today’s Friday Find is all about WordPress for beginners! I’ve gathered together some resources from various bloggers that you’ll find useful as a new blogger or someone who is making the move to self-hosted WordPress. This is a pretty big one so I’ve broken these links down into 5 different […]

How to decide which blogging platform is best for you

What is the Best Blogging Platform for You?

There are a lot of different blogging platforms available and many times people are asking which one is right for them. There are usually two deciding factors; one that fits into your budget and is most comfortable for you to use. I personally love WordPress and have been using it forever, but what works for […]

Free how to use WordPress workshop

Interested in a Free WordPress Set Up Workshop?

I’m looking for anyone and everyone interested in learning how to set up a self-hosted install in a free WordPress workshop! After reading through several conversations on Facebook and other places, I’ve noticed there are a lot of people struggling because they just don’t get it. I’ve been using WordPress over 10 years now, so […]


100 Websites for Bloggers by The Collective Mill

Hi everyone! I’d like to welcome you to a new section here at Blogging Butterfly where I feature all sorts of resources I’ve found around the web. Everything is by fellow bloggers and are things I’ve personally found useful or that are useful to other niches I’m not blogging in. Can’t know everything, right? Normally […]

Grow Your Blog and Earn Money | Blogging Tips for Beginners

How to Grow Your Blog (and Make Money!) – Successful Blogging Part 5

Growth: How to Grow Your Blog (and Make Money!) So, now you’ve got this great blog that you’ve just started and now you’re ready to focus on growth. From here on out, your goal should be focusing on creating the best posts for your readers and promoting those posts. For some of us, this is the […]

Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free

10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free

Yes, we aaaaaall want it: more free blog traffic It’s at the top of every blogger’s wish list, new and seasoned alike. How do you get traffic to your blog for free? There are basically two types of traffic, free and paid. Free traffic is traffic gained by sharing your content on different channels, without paying […]

How to Launch Your Blog the Right Way

How to Launch Your Blog – Successful Blogging Part 4

This post is Part 4 of a five-part series on creating a successful blog: Successful Blogging for Beginners Introduction Part 1: Discovery – What to Do Before Starting Your Blog Part 2: Education – What to Learn While Creating Your Blog Part 3: Creation – What to Do to Create Your Blog Part 4: Launch – You’re […]

7 Ways to Think Like a Successful Blogger

7 Ways to Think Like a Successful Blogger

Do you want to know how to become a successful blogger? It’s all in the mind! How you think about your blog and how you approach blogging make a huge difference. Take a Look Back Let’s take a moment to think back to when you first started blogging. Why did you start? If you haven’t started […]

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