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Monday and Wednesday will be dedicated blogger interview days here at Blogging Butterfly! Monday will be for experienced bloggers, whose success and advice will give us that #MondayMotivation we all sometimes need. Wednesdays are New Blogger Spotlight days for bloggers who are still within their first year of blogging.

This Could Be You!

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Blog Name: *linked blog name*
Who should read: YOUR target audience
What you’ll find: A short description of YOUR awesome blog content right here.

Who Should Apply?

Whether you’ve been blogging for a year or more or you’ve just completed your first month, I’m interested in featuring you! Interviews are always interesting and I hope that seeing all the different types of people (and blogs!) at different stages of blogging will inspire others to start or continue their own blogs.

I say “apply” but likely anyone with a blog or blog based business will be accepted. I just have to make sure content is acceptable (the usual things… no hate speech, explicitly adult content, etc). This my change as my blog grows and if the whole interview thing gets popular. There’s only so many Mondays and Wednesdays!

If you have a product or service that would be useful to bloggers or entrepreneurs in your own niche, you can feel free to talk about it in your interview. Even if it’s a “competing” service. While I can get people started with their blogs, sometimes it’s best for people to have someone with experience in their niche to learn from as well. Just let me know you’d like to talk about it!

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Apply Now

Important: If you filled out the old form here before February 19th, please fill out the contact form from the button below. Something was up with the old form and I didn’t get any of the submissions.

Fill out the form below and include how long you’ve been blogging. I’ll contact you within a few days with the questions and other required info. Got to show off those social media accounts too!

If I’ve already reached out to you personally, you don’t need to fill out this form.


Hi! I'm Stephanie! I'm a 3D artist who has been working with lots of different blog technology for over 18 years and connecting with bloggers to promote my products for over 10. I love technology and discovering new tools, which has lead me to create this blog to help others get started with their own blogs.

How can I help?

Quickstart to Blogging

If you just want to start a personal blog and not deal with all the business-like stuff, this is the post for you.

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Take your blog to the next level or start one with success in mind. Check out this free course.

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Essential Services

Disclaimer: I earn a bonus or commission if you sign up for one of these services using these links, but remember – I never recommend something I don’t fully support.


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