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Campaign Monitor Review: Affordable Email Marketing

Hey guys! I have a product review I’d like to share with you. This one’s for an email marketing software called Campaign Monitor. Over the last couple of months, I’d been looking at several different email services due to an issue with what I was using for one of my brands. In the middle of […]


10 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Hey everyone! We have our first guest post here at Blogging Butterfly about SEO for bloggers. I know this is a big topic that many of you find confusing to wrap your head around at first, but getting started is really simple. Today’s post is from Brad Shorr, the Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, […]


Where to Find and Join Tailwind Tribes

It’s FRIDAY, which is usually mean it’s time for a round-up but I’ve missed a couple weeks. Or maybe just one week, who knows by now. Today is all about Tailwind Tribes and where to find them. Yeah, I just said that. Tailwind Tribes are a great new way to share your Pinterest pins and […]

How to Use Tailwind Without Scheduling

5 Ways to Use Tailwind Without Scheduling Pins

Tailwind is mostly known for being an awesome Pinterest scheduling tool but that means that people who have no interest in scheduling probably overlook it. Why would you bother checking it out if you don’t want to use its main function, right? But Tailwind can be a good addition to your Pinterest strategy even if […]

Is Pinterest Good for New Bloggers?

Does Pinterest Work for New Bloggers?

Pinterest is the #1 traffic source for many bloggers (look around, everyone’s praising it). Why wouldn’t you want a slice of that awesome? Being able to drive traffic from Pinterest is While Pinterest is great for everyone, I want to speak to the complete beginners now. Those of you with brand new blogs and no […]

WordPress for Beginners: Links and Tutorials for New Bloggers

34 Useful Links and Tutorials for WordPress Beginners

Friday Finds: WordPress for Beginners Today’s Friday Find is all about WordPress for beginners! I’ve gathered together some resources from various bloggers that you’ll find useful as a new blogger or someone who is making the move to self-hosted WordPress. This is a pretty big one so I’ve broken these links down into 5 different […]


100 Websites for Bloggers by The Collective Mill

Hi everyone! I’d like to welcome you to a new section here at Blogging Butterfly where I feature all sorts of resources I’ve found around the web. Everything is by fellow bloggers and are things I’ve personally found useful or that are useful to other niches I’m not blogging in. Can’t know everything, right? Normally […]

7 Ways to Think Like a Successful Blogger

7 Ways to Think Like a Successful Blogger

Do you want to know how to become a successful blogger? It’s all in the mind! How you think about your blog and how you approach blogging make a huge difference. Take a Look Back Let’s take a moment to think back to when you first started blogging. Why did you start? If you haven’t started […]


How to Get the Most Out of Your Pinterest Images

If you’re blogging, you should be creating images specifically for Pinterest. Pinterest is a top traffic source for many blogs. For most bloggers, it provides more traffic than organic searches. It’s basically a huge search engine made up of content produced almost entirely by bloggers. Pretty cool, huh? This guide will show you how to […]


How to Create Your First Instagram Story

Despite being released 5 months ago, Instagram Stories are the huge new feature that a lot of bloggers have yet to start using. I just uploaded my first Instagram Story two or three days ago, in fact. Just this morning I was contacted by a user who saw my story. What a concept, right? How many more […]

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