Where to Find and Join Tailwind Tribes

It’s FRIDAY, which is usually mean it’s time for a round-up but I’ve missed a couple weeks. Or maybe just one week, who knows by now. Today is all about Tailwind Tribes and where to find them. Yeah, I just said that.

Tailwind Tribes are a great new way to share your Pinterest pins and they can help you get exposure to new audiences. In this post, I’ve provided some links to blog posts that can help you find Tailwind Tribes to join. I’m also giving mini tutorials on properly linking to tribe invites and how to join a tribe!

Please be sure to check out my post on alternative ways to use Tailwind, even if you prefer to pin without scheduling. The tips are good for everyone with both free and paid accounts!

Tailwind Tribes are a great way to get your posts shared on Pinterest by tons of bloggers. Learn how to add tribe links to your blog posts, how to join Tailwind tribes, and where you can find tribes to join. Read this and more Pinterest tips for bloggers:

How to Properly Link to Tailwind Tribe Invites

One thing I noticed while looking for tribes to join is that people were using the wrong link when adding invite codes to their posts. It’s important to note that true invite links actually have the word “join” in them instead of “accept,” and they are super long links. Here’s an example.

This is the invite link for my tribe:

And here’s the accept link:

The 2nd link will NOT actually add you to the tribe! As far as I can tell, only admins can pass you the true invite link, so make sure you grab the correct link directly from them.

I’ve set my invite link up with a redirect so people can easily link to my tribe invite link. If you’d like to share my tribe, you can use this link to add my Blogging & Entrepreneurship tribe to your post:

If you’d like to create a similar link for your tribe invite code, you can use a redirect service like or create a link from your domain with a plugin like Pretty Link.

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How to Join Tailwind Tribes

How to join a Tailwind Tribe

Joining a tribe is literally as easy as clicking a button. All you need to do is find an invite link, click it, and then click the “Join Tribe” button. Super easy!

Feel free to join my tribe for bloggers and entrepreneurs if you have any blog posts with useful tips!

Lists of Tailwind Tribes

Okay, now on to the best part of this post; the list of places to find Tailwind Tribes to join!

Blog Posts

Facebook Groups

Those blog posts should give you plenty to start with, but you should also check out these Facebook groups if you weren’t able to find what you were looking for or just want more tribes.

This is a great source cause you can pop in these groups and search or ask for exactly the type of tribe you’re looking for. If you own a tribe and want to get the word out about it, be sure to advertise it in one of these groups!

Add Your Tribe

Do you own a Tailwind Tribe and would like it linked in this post? Or maybe you have a roundup post of tribes? Please let me know in the comments below! I’d be happy to share it here.

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