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Free Blogging Resources

Grab some free blogging resources brought to you by Blogging Butterfly! Sign up for an e-course, check out the resource library (coming soon), or sign up to be notified about a future course or post series.


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Free blogging resources and courses that are currently available for immediate use. You can sign up and start learning right away!

Successful Blogging Mindset free 7 day email course

Successful Blogging Mindset

Start thinking like a pro blogger if you want to achieve success! This 7 day email course will explain 7 ways you can change your mindset from that of a just-for-fun blogger to one who wants to make a living from their passion.

Successful Blogging for Beginners free e-course

Successful Blogging for Beginners

Everything "start a blog in 15 minutes" tutorials aren't telling you. This e-course teaches you what you need to learn to create, launch, and grow a successful blog from choosing the perfect niche to ways to make money blogging as a beginner.

Free Pinterest for Bloggers Workbook

Pinterest Workbook

The Pinterest Workbook includes 4 checklists and a page of reminders to go along with my Pinterest for Bloggers mega post. Learn everything you need to know in the post, then check off each step as you complete them in the workbook.

Free Pinterest Marketing Course

Pinnovative Launchpad

You've heard about amazing results from Pinterest, but you haven't been able to achieve them yourself or you simply don't understand how to use Pinterest for your blog at all. This course can change all that! See how Pinterest can jumpstart traffic to a new blog and learn the basics of using Pinterest for traffic generation.

Coming Soon

These learning sections are currently in the works. Check out what I’m working on or sign up as an interested party. Shown in order of intended release.

New blogging resource coming soon - accepting sign ups now

WordPress Workshop

A live class for bloggers looking to start or move to self-hosted WordPress. Learn how to set up a new WordPress install with the best settings, plugins, and themes. Don't have a host yet? Not a problem! I can show you where you can set up a testing site for free so you can take your time to learn.

New blogging resource coming soon - accepting sign ups now

Blogging Butterfly Resource Library

Every free checklist, spreadsheet, workbook, or e-book is here for you to download. Get links to essential blogging and social media tools and services as well as links to other bloggers you can follow for more information about the blogging world.

New blogging resource coming soon

On Page SEO Basics

This series of posts will explain the side of SEO you can control from day one. You know you shouldn't wait to start optimizing your posts, but you don't know where to start. Learn how to do more than just what your Yoast plugin tells you so you can set the foundation for high ranking pages.

New blogging resource coming soon

Pin to the Stars

An advanced Pinterest course that skips all the basic things you already know (like creating a business account, enabling rich pins, and consistent pinning). Instead the focus is on content ratios, writing descriptions, and turning that Pinterest traffic into email subscribers and long time readers.

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