Join Our New Year’s Instagram Challenge for Bloggers!

I’ve suddenly had the greatest idea to start an Instagram challenge on January 1st. It’s December 29th! Will I pull it off? Who knows, but you can help by joining in.

A lot of bloggers have been making tons of plans and goals for their blogs in 2017. I’ve created this challenge to celebrate that. It will also put your goals out there for people to see, which means the pressure is on! You’re going to need to work hard to meet them, and everyone will know. I know I certainly work harder to complete things if I’ve posted about them before. I hope this will help you too!

In addition to putting the spotlight on your goals, I want to help new Instagrammers learn how to use the platform to boost their social media efforts. I’ve set the challenge up to help you learn how to use Instagram more strategically while putting the tactics into practice.

If you’re struggling with how to use new features such as comment liking and Instagram Stories, or have trouble getting likes and comments on your posts, now’s a great time to get your feet wet.

New Year's Instagram Challenge for Bloggers

Join the New Year’s Instagram Challenge

The theme for this challenge is Blogging Goals. Participating posts will be posted under the hashtag #BloggerGoals2017. Even if you’re not participating, please follow along. Like, comment, and share with your friends!

I’ll be posting challenge reminders on my Instagram as well as on the Facebook page and through an email sequence. Enjoy daily tips with your prompts that explain how they’re useful to your Instagram strategy.

The challenge will run from January 1st to 10th, but feel free to jump in anytime. Both beginners and seasoned Instagrammers are all invited to participate. I’m hoping it will be fun and educational for everyone!

While I suggest completing every task, don’t stress if you’re not able to complete a few. The important thing is that you learn the why.

Prepare your posts

I realize it’s a bit short notice, but I hope you can all manage.

Challenge Hashtag: #BloggerGoals2017

Day 1: Any photo – Post about your goals for the New Year and ask followers for their goals.

Day 2: Photo: #MotivationMonday – Share a favorite quote. Tell your followers how it can help them.

Day 3: Any video or photos as an Instagram Story – Tell people how they can interact with your content (read a blog post, etc).

Day 4: Any photo – Share a planning tip and ask followers to share theirs.

Day 5: Photo: Show some gold – Talk about how blogging has changed your life or what changes you’d like to see because of blogging. A good time for #ThrowbackThursday!

Day 6: Photo or story: Share your workspace or desktop. – Tell people what you do/blog about

Day 7: Photo: Something with water or anything symbolizing flow or change – Talk about how you plan to get into the flow or some big changes you want this year (doesn’t have to be blogging related).

Day 8: Photo or story: Share a work in progress, sneak peek for a new post or another project you’re working on – Tell followers to check out your blog, website, portfolio, etc. Make sure it’s linked in your profile.

Day 9: Photo or story: More motivation! – Share something that inspires you.

Day 10: Any photo – Share your experience with this challenge. Would you recommend that your followers do something similar? Ask how they felt about your posts.

Sign up for extras

Sign up now for daily tips on why I’ve picked these things and how you can use them in future posts.

Reminders for each task will be emailed and posted at midnight GMT, with the first starting at 12AM GMT on January 1st.

Yes, sign me up!

Share the Challenge

Don’t forget to share with your other blogger friends in case they’d like to join as well. Even if you don’t plan on actually participating yourself (though please do!)

In fact, I’ll make it super simple for you to share it on Twitter:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Join the New Year’s Instagram Challenge for bloggers! Share goals while learning #InstagramTips #bloggerchallenge” quote=”Join the New Year’s Instagram Challenge for bloggers! Share goals while learning Instagram tips.”]

Please also like our Facebook page below. I’ll be posting prompts there as well!


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