Free Pinterest Marketing Course Available!

Pinnovative Launchpad is a free Pinterest marketing course that will teach you all the basics of using Pinterest and how you can start creating your own strategy. I’ve taken all (or most) of my Pinterest posts and packaged them all together in a course format, plus a few extra things.

For those of you who see a long post and think “AH!”, this might be a better alternative!

Pinnovative Launchpad Course

Why am I giving it away for free? It’s going to be the basis for a paid course later on down the line.

I want my paid course to have awesome content that you don’t really see anywhere else to make it totally worth the money. If I remove the beginner stuff, I can have more space for juicy details without making students feel overwhelmed. Think of Pinnovative Launchpad as Pinterest 101 with the paid course being Pinterest 201.

Please feel free to share this post with your followers so they can get in on the action, too!

Pinnovative Launchpad is a free Pinterest marketing course designed to help bloggers get more traffic from Pinterest to their blogs. Take the course now or read other posts for more blog tips for beginners:

Upgrade Your Course

I’ve also created several course upgrades that you can purchase, starting at just $9. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting some overviews of what’s inside them and how you can use them to help you get better acquainted with Pinterest marketing.

Other Things I’ve Been Up To

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been pretty quiet over the last couple weeks. This is part of the reason. The other is that I’ve been so busy with my other business as well as making huge plans for new updates. (Hint: you want to be following the Blogging Butterfly Facebook Page!)

I really want to make it easy for you guys to find the information you need. Keep those survey responses coming, I hear you! I’m creating a couple things that should fit the bill nicely.

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Hi! I'm Stephanie! I'm a 3D artist who has been working with lots of different blog technology for over 18 years and connecting with bloggers to promote my products for over 10. I love technology and discovering new tools, which has lead me to create this blog to help others get started with their own blogs.

How can I help?

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If you just want to start a personal blog and not deal with all the business-like stuff, this is the post for you.

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Take your blog to the next level or start one with success in mind. Check out this free course.

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