Pinnovative Launchpad Course

Get Extras for the Course

Pinnovative Launchpad already comes with a free workbook with 4 actionable checklists, but I’ve also created some additional resources to help you:

  • create your own branded group boards and tribes,
  • manage your group boards and pending group board invites,
  • organize and track your Tailwind Tribes,
  • plan and organize your Pinterest keywords,
  • see how Rich Pins give you an advantage over basic pins, and
  • create perfectly shareable pins in 16 different layouts.

Branded Collaborations Guide

Showcase your own branding through your group boards and tribes. Collaborative spaces are a good opportunity to support others while strengthening your brand, just like you would for community groups on Facebook.

Get a small explanation guide along with a checklists of items you should never forget when setting up a brand-centered group board or tribe.

Collaboration Organizers

Using group boards and tribes are essential for growing your account and getting traffic without having thousands of followers of your own.

Keep track of your group boards and pending group board invites as well as your Tailwind Tribes. Keep a record of tribe performance each month for each of your tribes so you know which ones are working best for you.

Perfect Pin Guidebooks

A poor pin graphic can ruin the chances of an otherwise great article going viral on Pinterest. This series of short eBooks can help you create graphics and pins for each of your articles based on popular pin designs.

Learn the difference between normal pins and Rich Pins. See what basic information you should include on every pin to increase click throughs.

This guide shows you how to create perfect pins from not so perfect-for-Pinterest images and breaks down 16 different types of graphic layouts.

Write down the keywords you use to create your pins so you never forget them. Create lists of keywords for blog topics and future post ideas.

Upgrade Your Course Now

I don’t want you to to just sign up for this course for free and then forget about it. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll come back and truly do the work and make it a part of your Pinterest strategy. These workbooks, spreadsheets, and checklists make it even easier.

You can grab these upgrades by making an Accountability Pledge. Pledge that you’ll complete the course and get some extras to help you succeed. You can choose 1 of 3 levels and each level gives you 1, 2, or 3 extras – a total of 6 when you grab the Gold package.