What to Send to Your Email List

Great! You’ve been busy collecting all of these emails and built up a list of a few people – or maybe more than a few people – but now what? What do you send these people who have graciously trusted you with their email address? Your blog posts, right?

Well, you’re not wrong, but you can do SO MUCH MORE! Your email list is your best way to connect with the people who are the most interested in you and your brand. Yes, your blog is totally a part of your brand.

Think of your email list as another blog. An exclusive blog. Only your best readers are there, so share with them your best posts. Take the time to write for them as you would a short blog post.

Keep your extra long content for your actual blog since you don’t have to worry about SEO in your emails. Remember that most people will be reading the emails with a mobile device, so keep it short and sweet, but long enough to say what you need to say.

I’ve put together a list of ways you can connect with your readers through your email list. There are a few that I felt needed a little bit more explanation, so I’ve listed them here. You can download the full list here or from our resource library.

9 Things to Send to Your Email List

9 Things to Send to Your Email Subscribers

Tell a relatable story

Send a roundup of all your posts for the week or month. Don’t worry about sending too much email. If someone subscribes to your content, they want to hear from you! Don’t forget that it’s totally okay for people to unsubscribe. In fact, you want them to.

Share a tip

For some blogs, you are the researcher for your audience. Take this blog, for example. I gather together everything I’ve learned, combine it with personal experience, and use it to teach others how they can use it to grow their blogs and businesses. I have the time to find things and ability to explain to people how to use those things effectively. You probably do, too. That’s part of blogging, right?

As a bonus, you could create an archive of past email tips that only email subscribers can access (or add to your current resource library if you have one). Update it regularly and notify your list when you do, just in case they aren’t aware or just forgot that it exists.

You can then market this list of tips as an opt-in incentive!

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Notices of new products and services

When you launch a new product, your email list should be the first place you start promoting. It’s already filled with your biggest fans and best customers, so it only makes sense. Even if you only have a small list, you should still market to them. You can still be successful!

Don’t worry about people unsubscribing just because you’re selling something. For one, you want your mailing list to be filled with people who will back you. This means they either like you enough to ignore your sales emails, or they’re potential customers.

With email marketing services, you can usually offer a way for people to opt in or out of a particular sales sequence. Send a couple emails letting people know they can click through to receive more information, and once they do, add them to a segment or list created specifically for people who have shown interest in your product. That way you’ll only be marketing to the right people, and you won’t annoy subscribers who aren’t interested.

Talk about your other email sequences and give links to how they can subscribe

People may not be aware of ALL your content. Just because it’s linked on your blog, doesn’t mean they went through every single page and post to find it. Repetition might seem annoying to you, but a lot of people just do not know about more than those one or two pages they visited. They may have just found the information they needed, signed up for your list, and left.

Let them know you’re more than just that one thing. That’s why they signed up in the first place!

Updates to past content/blog posts

If you’ve updated an old post, let people know. If they’ve read something already, they’re probably not going to think to read it again just because there might be an update. Tell your list that you’ve got some new info available and provide the link to the post.

A small blurb about what’s been updated and the processes or experiments that lead you to this update can fill out your email content. People will appreciate the behind-the-scenes look at how you do things. They may want to try it themselves!


When all else fails, simply ask! Just ask what people would like to see more of or find out what their issues are. You need to let people know that you actually care about creating a blog that’s worth reading. Let their needs fuel ideas for your next posts.

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Affiliate products

Your email list is full of targeted readers. They want to know about things that can help them. You know of tons of cool products that you can refer to them, right? Send off your affiliate links in emails just like you would a blog post. Tell your subscribers exactly how some product can help them.

Use your list segments to send out emails that target certain problems. If you’re an affiliate for a social media tool, send out an email to everyone who has downloaded your social media guides, for example.

Highlight a social media post

Need a boost on Instagram? More likes on Facebook? More Twitter followers? Sharing a specific post may be more effective than just asking people to follow or engage with you. Give them a specific reason to visit your profiles.

Talk about a friend’s or other blogger’s post

Have you seen something that you’re dying to share with your audience? Has your friend started a blog and you want to help them get started?

You’ll probably share it on social media, but don’t forget that you can also write an email about it. Add in your own opinions and suggestions. Build on the post and then ask your readers to check out the original.

People will appreciate that you’re not just using your list for your own promotion, too. Just like on social media.

Remember to be careful about going off topic. Stick to niche-related emails as much as possible. A little deviation is okay once in awhile, but not every other email.

BONUS: Talk about your experiments

Okay, this one is a bonus because I noticed it was here after I’d already made up the graphic that said 9, lol.

Share something you just discovered but haven’t written a post on yet to find out what people want to know about it. Ask if any of your readers have tried it and if they’d like to share their experience. You could even feature them in your blog post. Be sure to ask if that’s okay first, though!

What to Send to Your Email List

You should now have some pretty good ideas for tons of things you can send to your email list. Your email list is the one place you can control. It’s the one place that won’t be affected by social media algorithms or dependent on whether your advertisement is accepted.

So if you don’t have one already, get out there and build your list. Just don’t forget to actually mail your subscribers!


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