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Strategy Guide

Your First 500 Twitter Followers Guide

Your own copy of the blog post that details how to get your first 500+ followers and how to use various tools to manage your account.

Strategy Planner

Twitter Strategy Guide Preview

Editable or printable planner pages to help you create a follow-worthy Twitter profile, plan your personal goals, and links to tools to use for Twitter.

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You’ve got the tools to plan your goals. Now you need a plan to achieve those goals. Ready to take your reach on Twitter to the next level? Purchase the Twitter Engagement Planner.

Engagement is king on Twitter

If you’re not talking and interacting with people on Twitter, not many real people are going to follow you.

The Twitter Engagement Planner gives you specific tasks to complete each day to help you reach out to not just any people on Twitter, but people who will interested in what you post.

Use this plan to connect and build relationships with the right people for your blog or brand. Each task can be done in just minutes a day.

The best part? It’s totally scalable and customizable to your specific needs. If you have more time on Wednesdays than Mondays, schedule extra tasks on Wednesday. Add in tasks that you’re most comfortable with performing, or schedule in your favorite Twitter chat.

Add the Twitter Engagement Plan to your Strategy Planner and maximize your results from Twitter.

Twitter Engagement Planner Preview

This plan includes:

  • 4 week done-for-you plan
  • Repeat each month or copy to create plans for every month
  • Specific tasks for you to complete
  • Build relationships with targeted users
  • Scalable and customizable plan
  • 16 tasks to choose from
  • Easy to use spreadsheet format
  • Posting time suggestions

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