How to Use Tailwind Without Scheduling

5 Ways to Use Tailwind Without Scheduling Pins

Tailwind is mostly known for being an awesome Pinterest scheduling tool but that means that people who have no interest in scheduling probably overlook it. Why would you bother checking it out if you don’t want to use its main function, right? But Tailwind can be a good addition to your Pinterest strategy even if you prefer to pin by hand.

Yes, you can totally make use of Tailwind without using any of its scheduling features. By not using Tailwind at all, you’re missing out on some additional features that can take some of the mystery out of pinning as well as help you get your pins shared, especially if you’re new to Pinterest and only have a few followers.

Here’s how you can use Tailwind without feeling like you’re compromising your commitment to manual pinning.

Using Tailwind Without Scheduling

So what can you do if you’re not scheduling with Tailwind?

  1. Make sure your boards are in good Pinterest health
  2. Keep track of all the accounts you manage
  3. Get more analytics and insights
  4. Find the best time to create pins
  5. Gain exposure with Tailwind Tribes

These features are also great for those that do schedule with Tailwind, or even with BoardBooster, so you guys should listen up too. Most of these features are available for free, too. Only the analytics are limited in terms of what you can actually see. Those are totally worth paying for even without the scheduling, if you ask me.

Okay, enough chat. Let’s get right into how you can do all these amazing things!

Tailwind is a great tool for more than just scheduling pins. Manual pinners can use Tailwind, too! Learn how to use the other features of Tailwind to your advantage, even if you don't want to schedule your pins.

Track the SEO Health of Your Boards

Who’s ever created a new board in the midst of a pinning spree and totally forgot to go back and add a proper description? *raises hand* You can tell by the screenshot that I’m still not at 100% complete.

Pinterest is ultimately a search engine. That means that if you don’t have descriptions or categories set for your boards, you’re losing out on valuable exposure to the right audience.

Help with Pinterest SEO from Tailwind account suggestions

With Tailwind, you can view Pinterest SEO suggestions for all your boards so if these does ever happen again, you have a reminder to correct it. It also tells you if you’ve forgotten to add a category or have too few pins on a board. You can find this info in the “Complete your account” section.

In addition to board stats, it also checks your profile to make sure you’ve got everything filled out. Tailwind can’t tell if your descriptions are filled with the right content, though, so make sure you’ve done your research to create the best names and descriptions for your niche.

Keep Track of Multiple Accounts

How a new account to TailwindYou can use one Tailwind account to manage more than one account. I imagine manually pinning to several accounts can become overwhelming to track. Using Tailwind will give you access to statistics that you can view without having to log in to each account separately.

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You can also add collaborators and you can share your insights with your team if you have one.

Analytics and Insights

Tailwind’s analytics and insights are probably the best features that non-scheduling pinners are missing out on. Pinterest has analytics, but Tailwind takes them to the next level, showing you information about all your pins and individual boards.

I use the board insights all the time to plan what group boards I want to pin to. That’s not the only awesome thing about Tailwind analytics, though. Let’s take a look!

Board Insights

Tailwind Board Insights

This is one of my favorite Tailwind features. It makes it so easy to sort through which boards have are performing the best or the worst, especially with my group boards.

You can see which boards are getting the most followers, repins, and even the repin rate of pins for pins on that board. A higher Virality Score means stuff gets repinned a lot, and a higher Engagement Score means more people are repinning more pins. That probably sounds really confusing so just know that higher numbers = good.

Pin Inspector

Tailwind Pin Inspector

The Pin Inspector shows how pins that you uploaded are performing in different categories and boards. These are only pins that you’ve pinned directly from another website or from your own website, not that other people have created.

Are you wasting your time pinning to a certain group board? Here’s one way you can find out. You’ll want to compare this to the clicks throughs you get using Pinterest’s own analytics feature because Tailwind doesn’t show clicks. If a board is getting you lots of clicks, but not many repins or saves, you still want to keep it in your rotation!

Profile Performance

Tailwind Profile Performance Report

Tailwind’s Profile Performance page display information such as follower count, pin and repin count, and how many likes you have. It shows that total amounts as well as what you’ve gotten over the last 7 days.

It’s nice to have this info available on a single page! Since you can connect multiple accounts, it’s easy to see overviews of all the account you manage.

Summary Emails

Weekly email reports from Tailwind

You can opt-in to daily, weekly, and monthly emails from Tailwind that can help you keep track your performance. This could be a time saver for those who love to keep details on our blogging tasks. Save time by letting Tailwind track your pinning habits for you, or just use the emails to see how you’ve done from week to week, or whenever.

Find the Best Times to Pin

Tailwind Smart Schedule

Even if you don’t actually schedule anything, you can still make use of the Smart Schedule.

The way Tailwind’s scheduling works is that you tell it how many times you want to pin per day and it automatically create time slots based on your audience’s activity. It will even take into account daily activity, so it posts more pins on active days and less pins on less active days.

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You can use this data to plan time frames for when you should add pins and on what days you should add more or less pins. Pretty helpful, right?

As you can see from my screenshot, Mondays and Tuesdays are better pinning days for me than Wednesday-Friday, and evening-midnight is better than morning-midday.

Get Repins with Tribes

Tailwind Tribes dashboard

Tribes are the best thing for Pinterest growth besides group boards. If group boards help you to get your pins seen, tribes help you get your pins shared. A lot of tribe members are other bloggers, so you’ll have a chance to tap into their audiences as well.

How to open pins from tribes in Pinterest

Remember that for Tribes to be traffic generating magic, everyone needs to share from within the tribe. While at first it may seem like you have to schedule pins through Tailwind to share from tribes, but this isn’t true.

You can view a pin on Pinterest and pin it from there like usual by clicking the little “P” logo in the bottom right corner of a tribe pin. I don’t think Tailwind is able to accurately track manual pins, though, so if you’re doing this make sure you message the tribe owner and ask if they’re all right with that.

Btw, Join my Tribe

I have a neeeeew tribe that needs members! If you have any blog posts about blogging, business, or entrepreneurship, feel free to join my tribe. Stay on topic and pin twice as many pins as you add in. Just let me know you pin manually so I don’t kick you.

Give Tailwind a Try!

Now that you know what you can do with it, go ahead and give Tailwind a try (we’ll both get $15 if you use my link!). You can still make use of Tailwind without scheduling a single pin.

Most of the features I mentioned here can be used for free. The only things that can’t are a few of the analytics tools, but you’ll still be able to see the basics. If you ever want more info to help you rock at Pinterest, you can always sign up and just not use the scheduling.

Learn More About Using Pinterest

Need some help getting started with Pinterest? Learn how to make the most of your account and how to create your own traffic driving Pinterest strategy. It doesn’t matter if you pin with or without a scheduler as long as you have a plan that works for you.

Don’t forget that you can also check out my Tailwind Tribe for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Also, I’m trying a new thing to help out people since I posts are usually super long; bolding the important bits. Let me know how it goes for you! Do you like it? Is it too distracting? Should I instead make short, individual tutorials? Maybe try paged blog posts?


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  1. Vet Leow
    March 9, 2017 @ 11:47 am

    I am quite clueless about Tailwind…thanks for this post!


  2. Katie
    March 13, 2017 @ 9:16 am

    Great tips, thank you!


  3. Susan Velez
    September 23, 2017 @ 6:50 am

    Hi Stephanie,

    I love Tailwind, but I haven’t been using it properly. I’ve been using Pinterest for a while now, but wasn’t really focused on learning the ins and outs of it.

    Today, I’m going to sit down and start figuring out how to use the Tailwind Analytics. I know that it’s important to pay attention to Analytics.

    The truth is that I’ve just been paying attention to the Analytics inside of Pinterest.

    Thanks for breaking this down for us and sharing how to navigate Tailwind to make the most of it.

    Have a great day ?



    • Stephanie
      September 23, 2017 @ 10:46 am

      So glad to hear this is helpful! It really is an awesome tool once you get to know everything it can do.

      I just barely got around to setting up and using board lists last week and now I’ve got pins scheduled til January lol. An amazing tool!


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